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Their “billionaire” demagogue is just an Original Dallas Agents Shirt. A man is notorious for creating chaos and destruction. He convinces his sycophants that he is the only solution to the problems he himself created. The Trumpologists have arrived! Like a creationist in a biology class, they will automatically and dogmatically arrive sooner or later. Except he doesn’t take his 400,000 salaries. They defend him to the death. And when his ship sinks, he’s taking everyone, friend and foe alike down with him. Leaving an uncleanable disaster behind him, even the strongest cannot survive his destruction. The earth will be swallowed by the sun in about 4-5 billion years.

Original Dallas Agents Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Dallas Agents Sweatshirt - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Dallas Agents Hoodie - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Dallas Agents V-neck - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Dallas Agents Tank Top - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Tank Top

Also, Rilke was the best Original Dallas Agents Shirts! Sometimes when these major stories drop I venture over to Fox News and see how they’re reporting on it. The current front-page headline is saying there won’t be a handshake at the presidential debate. Really? Because 2 hours ago it was Hunter Biden is linked to either prostitution or human trafficking ring. Is that not the case anymore? Might make another appearance before the end of the day. He takes a lot more in payments to his golf resorts. He’d need to pay tax on that salary. Not so much the millions he’s shoveled into his pockets one golf cart rental at a time.

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17 reviews for Original Dallas Agents Shirt

    Loved it.
    T****** J H********
    I love this shirt!
    B****** C****
    Shirt fit exactly the way it should
    A***** C*******
    Great for my joker friend!
    A***** C*******
    The shirt fits everywhere except it's a little tight around the neck. I ordered an XL. It's long enough fits well on my arms, waist, and chest.
    J**** R
    Great shirt and I get a lot of comments from it
    Cool shirt cool saying great fit
    B****** S******
    Little heavier than most T-shirt’s. Good quality
    Funny shirt
    T***** B***
    Perfect for my gamer husband :) Fits great and the smile on his face when he saw it makes it even better!
    Bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it.
    A***** C*******
    The quality of the shirt is good but when I washed it the shirt shrank an entire size. I buy larger shirts for the extra room but after washing I no l...More
    The quality of the shirt is good but when I washed it the shirt shrank an entire size. I buy larger shirts for the extra room but after washing I no longer have the extra room.
    J***** W********
    Fits great. Gets some laughs.
    I am handicapped, so this shirt will freak people out. Lol
    E**** C*******
    Love it recommend these tees to everyone, fun.
    C**** M********
    The fabric was a little thinner than I expected, but the print work was very good, and has survived two dozen washes so far.
    j*** s*****
    A graduation gift that got smiles. He's heading away to college

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