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The result has increasingly been that those Original Black Lines Matter Shirt who create wealth are poorly paid and those who do consume it are well paid. But that trend has been present since the creation of the greenbacks following the Civil War. And was also associated with both the First and Second banks in the early 19th century. The result is that people who work hard and create wealth have seen their pay stagnate, while those who play the stock market. Then consume resources through lawsuits, and are on the government payroll have seen their pay increase. The election of Barack Obama is a reassertion of New Deal fascism and we can expect increasing efforts to redistribute wealth from those who work to those who do not.

Original Black Lines Matter Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt, And Hoodie

Original Black Lines Matter Tank Top - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Tank Top
Original Black Lines Matter V-neck - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Original Black Lines Matter Hoodie - Design by T-shirtbear.com
Original Black Lines Matter Sweatshirt - Design by T-shirtbear.com

This is not a trend that an Original Black Lines Matter Shirt small number of hard-working people can reverse. Ayn Rand had the solution in her book Atlas Shrugged: stop working. But anyone who works to produce wealth in today’s America is a chump. Go on government welfare. This is a socialist/fascist state. Only fools work hard. The Hakone Open-Air Museum is a Harmony of Sculpture and Nature. It was opened in scenic Hakone in 1969, the first museum in Japan devoted to sculpture in the open air. So the museum is situated in 70,000 sqm of parkland and has distant vistas of mountain and sea that change with the changing seasons. In 2014, around 300 works of Picasso were added with the over 120 works displayed in the open. Picasso’s works are placed inside and photography is prohibited.

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