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You can’t own an Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Shirt taped to a wall. The banana goes bad. The tape loses its adhesion. What are you buying? That’s exactly the question 99% of comments are asking and it’s exactly the point of the piece. It’s not asking whether it’s art– it’s saying, “Okay, I’m art. How do you buy me? What does it mean to own me?” That’s a much different question, I think. When I saw this story, my first thought was, “I wonder if the artist has specified the angle of the tape.” If the next banana goes up with horizontal tape instead of tape at a 45-degree angle, is that the same work? Is it a forgery now? Or does this work encompass any banana taped to any wall at any angle?

Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers V-neck

And if that’s the case, Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Shirt why can’t I tape. A banana up in my own house? Of course, I could, but why couldn’t I also just hang a picture of the Mona Lisa? Of course, I could do that too. So what does it mean to own art? I am dunno. I think they’re interesting questions and I think this piece does a good job of doing that in a way that isn’t overly artsy or pretentious (despite multiple people replying to me and insisting that this is pretentious). It’s cheeky, it’s fun, it feels like a goof. I dig it. But haven’t we had these “provocative” “what-is-art” art pieces for 60 years now? Literally taking one random worthless object and calling it art and that in itself is the art?

Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Sweatshirt
Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Hoodie

It’s been done for every single Official Corey Kluber Texas Rangers Shirt you can think of, continuously for half a century. Doesn’t it get a bit old? There’s a lot more to it, generally. “What-is-art” was left in the dirt ages ago because it’s working under the idea that something “is art” or “isn’t art”. And people are still arguing and trying to figure out if it’s one or the other and never considering it’s a superficial discussion A lot of contemporary art want to challenge the ideas present in art where the image-of-the-thing is-the-thing or show the world in a more integrated and less separate way by blurring the lines between language and reality and objects and concepts.

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    Bought this to wear on my motorcycle to provide hivis color. Love the color and the fit. it's perfectplenty of room. Great shirt!
    Katherine S.
    Nice quality shirt. Good material and sturdy. Fits very well.
    The perfect back to school addition to my pre-teen’s wardrobe.
    Dr. Tony
    This isn't 100% cotton but we took our chance. The hoodie did actually hold its tie dye but the color surely isn't very vibrant.
    The hoodie was very well made, good quality fabric, and loved the dark grey color.
    Feel soft and look very nice. Just what I wanted.
    Nice linen/cotton shirt, fits me well, I’m slender with long arms, so finding a shirt that fits my long arms without being loose everywhere else is di...More
    Nice linen/cotton shirt, fits me well, I’m slender with long arms, so finding a shirt that fits my long arms without being loose everywhere else is difficult.
    So comfy, fashionable, lightweight enough for summer.
    John C
    Accidentally gave a thumbs down when I wanted a thumbs up.
    These are nice, soft, and long and are pretty form fitting. I absolutely love them!
    Excellent for some reason didn't realise it was Two pack so even better!Good size and lovely soft material.
    I appreciate the photo says a lot about a company. Anyway I love the product and thank you.

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