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So the solution is to Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Shirt up a shell business, like a carwash or a restaurant. Then you just cook up the books to say you had a certain number of customers spending that $1,000,000 dollars you’re trying to make legitimate. That money now counts as income for your business and it’s taxed as such and leaves a paper trail of where that money “came from. Now as for the “art”. If I wanted to clean up that dirty money but I didn’t want to put in the effort to start a business and cook the books then I could make an arrangement with someone that has already done that. Say, with an auction house. Now I create some “art” and put it up for bid at the launderers auction house.

Bushfires People Pray For Australia Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Tank Top
Tank Top
Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia V-neck

I then give him Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Shirt dirty million. And he agrees to purchase my art piece for some agreed-upon percentage. Now I have $500k of clean money and the launderer has $1M that he will clean up through his businesses. Billionaires aren’t the only people that launder money, that means that other items need to go up for sale that the millionaires (the vast majority of people laundering money are millionaires purely because there is more of them than billionaires) and while no one knows exactly how many people come from affluent families we can infer it’s a rather large amount, 25% or so is still a huge number. You’re correct, but missing the overarching point that the bulk of modern art is supported through those activities.

Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Sweatshirt
Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Hoodie

Now from just the Official Bushfires People Pray For Australia Shirt higher numbers. We know they want to launder money too, and since that 25% is from an affluent family imagining them having access to money laundering schemes isnt that out of the realm of possible imagination, now these millionaires aren’t moving massive amounts of money, maybe 1 mil 2 mil at a time, but they can spread out that money on multiple purchases making it more cost-effective as a form of laundering. This specific piece of art probably isn’t involved with money laundering because of the high publicity. The only reason artists are able to create “art” that has to be explained before the average person would realize it is art is because so much gray and black money is in the mix subsidizing galleries, auction houses, dealers, and individual artists.

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    I didn't expect the quality and fit to be this good. Really comfortable and fits me perfectly.
    He loves it and says it's soft inside. Also very happy with the price. Just what I was looking for.
    Very nice hoodie for young boy.
    Kim Sutton
    These shirts fit great and for a tshirt, have a great look to wear alone with a pair of jeans. Perfect summertime shirt.
    I also just really liked the style and shape. My husband really likes to wear this shirt. I really liked the look .
    I got an youth XL and it fit great. but sure enough it was! It’s now the softest hoodie in my hoodie collection!
    Mark Kevin
    Quality of the shirt is good. The fitting is also good, however its a little bit amazing than i expected. Overall I'm happy with this purchase.
    I’ve gotten many compliments on it from other parents. I’ll definitely be buying more (mostly to save me from constantly washing the same one!) It’s a...More
    I’ve gotten many compliments on it from other parents. I’ll definitely be buying more (mostly to save me from constantly washing the same one!) It’s a must-have for this fall/winter.
    I bought this shirt mainly because I really wanted one with this color pattern and this one was a very good price. Looks great on him.
    Nice to find in the large tall size. Really a nice looking, well made flannel shirt.
    Great once we got the right size.
    Also this colored shirt I get the most nicest compliments on, they always say it looks really comfortable and a nice material, which it really is.

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