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Yes, I thought that too at first. However. Oficail Techno Viking Shirt they both are good at specific types of games (Mostly M0xy). For example, xQc is not as good as M0xy in hunger/Puzzle games but with guidance from M0xy, he could pop off and goes top 5 with him. Yet, even though xQc gets carried in most of these games, xQc goes full juicer mode in TNT/BHOP MC Games and ends up top 5 most of the time which shows that he is slightly better or equal to Moxy. Overall, it is not about who is better, it is about working as a team and the way they think together to able to claim the victory. Both xQc and M0xy have such good chemistry together and sometimes they don’t even communicate because they know each other’s movement and playstyle. It is without a doubt the power of friendship that brought these two the MC Monday win. FeelsStrongMan. Don’t underplay Moxy’s skill in Minecraft. He is really fucking good. Back when I used to play Minecraft religiously in like 2010-2014.

Officail Techno Viking Shirt, Ladie Tee, V-neck, Tank Top For Men And Women

Officail Techno Viking Ladie tee
Ladie tee
Officail Techno Viking Women's Tank Top
Women’s Tank Top

Moxy was basically regarded as a Oficail Techno Viking Shirt, and with that territory comes general knowledge about Minecraft, which is why he is so good. People might think Minecraft is just some fucking kids’ game but the technical skill and knowledge required to be good at games like PVP or other game modes extends to more than just being able to aim well. I’d say “cheating” is overexaggerating a bit here, he didn’t really cheat, he found an exploit and then decided to not use it. He’s found many exploits in the past while live streaming and he never used any, so I wouldn’t say he cheated.

Officail Techno Viking, Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Officail Techno Viking Sweatshirt
Officail Techno Viking Hoodie

He’s not really hated by anyone but xQc, so some of his impressionable audience just kinda does what him and everyone else in the Oficail Techno Viking Shirt. No other MC Monday streamers chats are like this towards techno. Even then, I don’t think xQc really hates him and it’s just his tryhard competitive mindset kicking in. He used to do this while playing Overwatch towards randoms as well. Some of his audience seems to take it quite seriously though. Technoblade and m0xy both respect each other afaik.

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2 reviews for Officail Techno Viking Shirt

    Nice to find in the large tall size. Really a nice looking, well made flannel shirt.
    John C
    Nice to find in the large tall size. Really a nice looking, well made flannel shirt.
    Doesn't feel like a regular cotton tshirt, much more comfortable.
    The hoodie was very well made, good quality fabric, and loved the dark grey color.
    Dr. Tony
    this Web t shirts have great fit and decent quality better than some of the big name brands out there. We've had many different tshirts plain white, g...More
    this Web t shirts have great fit and decent quality better than some of the big name brands out there. We've had many different tshirts plain white, grey, black, and now this combo. Super cute and great value.
    Excellent and comfortable shirt, is perfect. Length wise, There's a nice weight to the material. Great and unusual design.
    Twinkle Toes
    Great material and fit! Super comfortable. I'll be ordering on other colors soon. Great buy you won't be disappointed. Look Great.
    I got my usual size, the shirt was just enough to. I will be checking out their other colors and buy it for in the future.
    He loves it and says it's soft inside. Also very happy with the price. Just what I was looking for.
    My 11 year old said this was his favorite and most comfortable sweatshirt he has! It fits him well. It did wash well.
    I really like these t shirts, and wear them daily. A couple of them came in for me. They are fully cotton and that is a high preference for me.
    Nice quality shirt. Good material and sturdy. Fits very well.
    Excellent product quality
    I really like these styles

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